Quick access data for our Federal, State, and municipal Government clients.

DUNS Number: 118916864
CAGE Code: 4THS7
FEIN: 510556009
SAM: Active

NAICS Codes:

541612:        Management Consulting
541613:        Human Resources Consulting
611430:        Professional & Management Development Training

NIGP Code:

91871:        Management Consulting

PSC Codes:

B553:         Communications Studies
R426:         Communications Services
R431:         Support – Professional: Human Resources
U008:         Training/Curriculum Development
U009:         Education Services





The Visionary Leader Network (VLN) is a consulting, training, and global media platform. Its mission is to transform leadership styles, lives, and cultures using Happiness 360 and Fearless Listening Methodologies. VLN incorporates town hall meetings, training, and media collaborations to foster great workplace wellness cultures that drive productivity and innovation. In doing so, we offer solutions to challenges including employee retention, poor customer evaluations, stagnation, decreased morale, poor climate/culture, and market vulnerability.