VLN is a global leadership & lifestyle hub dedicated to unlocking hidden potential by supporting leaders in creating Fearless Listening Leadership Cultures. Our in-depth coaching & community conversations foster holistic living and performance wellness for our worldwide community of visionary thinkers, doers, seekers, and makers. Our globally-curated mindful media and curricula, featuring voices often unheard, unlocks hidden purpose, potential, and possibilities.


The Visionary Leader Network ™, is a global media and wellness training platform for enhanced performance, productivity, and creativity. We leverage our unique methodology to help leaders and their teams address some of today’s most pressing issues including quiet quitting, poor retention, burnout, and lack of inclusivity by offering:

  • Coaching for leaders and their teams 

  • Conversation Circles available  in keynote and workshop intensives formats

  •  Courses featuring our exclusive Nourish Studies curriculum to provide multi-media, experiential growth.

  • Connect Labs Events & Partnerships to bring powerful shifts & transformation to companies and community stakeholders