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VLN is a global leadership & lifestyle hub dedicated to fostering living and performance wellness for our worldwide community of visionary thinkers, doers, seekers, and makers. Our globally-curated mindful media and curricula, featuring voices often unheard, cultivate deeper connections for personal and professional actualization.



Founder, Traciana Graves, developed The Visionary Leader Network(VLN) as an extension of the deep she and her team accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sectors. VLN is unlike other lifestyle and leadership platforms that niche their content to business and wellness strategies as they cut out the human conversations that unite us all. Our commitment to “getting to the story behind the story” acknowledges the human factors that unite and motivate us. This critical element allows VLNetwork to venture beyond typical business strategy and grasp the heart and soul behind what truly drives success, innovation, and service.


We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing VLN’s mindful media, events, and training curriculum work to the general public in 2020.

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