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Dear student leaders and advisors,

Creating safe and engaged cultures for college in the virtual and in-person environment is key to molding our future.

College incivility, in all its forms- harassment, discrimination, hazing, sexual assault, and poor cyber-conduct, is an epidemic that affects every campus around the country. As the nation’s leading institutions, colleges are often in the spotlight when incidents like these occur on their campuses or in their virtual school community. The media is quick to highlight incidents of abuse in higher education, putting colleges at risk of litigation and lawsuits that can cost millions and cripple your college.

My Solution

I want to encourage the conversations and voices of students.  I want to teach students that there is value in their decision to listen to voices that are unlike their own, yet to meet those voices with civility, kindness, and engagement.

It is our responsibility to create safe and engaged campuses. When we unite against incivility, everyone wins. Allow the resources and expertise offered on this site to serve YOUR college’s student body, faculty, and student organizations.

Highest Regards,



During these exceptional times, higher education institutes and the global community are going through ever-changing and unprecedented experiences.  In order for institutions to support and develop their students and faculty in this climate, they need to provide interactive leadership and service-based training. Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening Campus leverages a tested methodology with clear foundations and micro-steps to help future-proof institutions. 

Traciana ‘s programs leverage song, storytelling, experiential learning, and multimedia to encourage students to find their unique voices and to listen to voices unlike their own.  These workshops address the key pain points that colleges and universities are facing, along with the rest of the world. However, the workshops focus more pointedly on how to address these challenges from the college environment.  Traciana’s  presentations are  particularly geared toward the needs and interests of students and advisors active in:

  •       Residence Life

  •       Greek Life

  •       Athletics

  •       Women’s Studies

  •       Health and Wellness

  •       Counseling

  •       Diversity/Tolerance Councils

  •       LGBTQ+-Straight Alliance

Workshops can be ‘stand-alone’ or customized into a series to meet the fluid landscape of current conditions that affect campuses, faculty, students, and their future, including:


This highly engaging presentation tackles issues facing campuses today, such as the unique challenges each school faces in creating a safe campus environment that appreciates, respects, and encompasses all demographics. As COVID-19 awareness and social distancing have infiltrated campuses across the nation, it is critical to promote campus civility and other necessary behavior. Incoming freshmen, other students, administrators, and faculty will all face realities that have uniquely impactful consequences. To deter the potentially negative impact of college incivility, this workshop benefits students and the campus community.  Traciana Graves shares key strategies to empower students to share their unique voices in their various roles around campus as they simultaneously benefit from a campus where their peers are doing the same.

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The Fearless Listening College Community must be determined to create unity, the ability to be heard, and to creatively come together to broker the change that is needed.

There is a harsh era of intolerance that plagues the campus environment.  We see this evidenced even more as students across the nation have stood on both sides of the social distancing spectrum.  We watch media and other reporters try to capture the unrest that students are facing related to the COVID-19 pandemic, social responsibility, online cyber misconduct, turbulent political climate with upcoming elections, race relations, and more.  A large part of why this unrest is prevalent is the college community’s unyielding willingness to listen to voices unlike their own.

Resolving these challenges is particularly difficult at this time due to the various focus areas that college students are compelled to address. However, failure to bring these things to the forefront will undoubtedly result in much more impactful consequences.  Fearless Listening College Community is a program that encompasses listening to promote civility. This highly engaging presentation tackles critical campus-related issues, such as creating a safe environment that appreciates, respects, and encompasses all demographics. Traciana shares strategies to empower students to share their unique voices in their various roles around campus, as they simultaneously benefit from a campus where their peers are doing the same.

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CREATING HOPE: Celebrating Everyone’s Dreams provides

Creating Hope: Celebrating Everyone’s Dreams provides a unique experience in which every participant CELEBRATES the overlooked hopes and dreams of their personal and family legacy. During this highly interactive presentation, Traciana creates a journey that contrasts the mainstream media’s portrayal of African American men and women with stories of some of the key unsung African American heroes. Throughout American history, these heroes harnessed their hopes and dreams to create a more tolerant, equal society for people of all backgrounds.

Using song, storytelling, and research-packed multi-media, Traciana creates an essential opportunity for the audience to examine some of the prevalent materialistic and often superficial aspirations featured in mainstream media with their own diverse and rich legacies that have been pushed aside or forgotten. Through the stories of visionaries such as Bayard Rustin, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Harry Belafonte, and others, Traciana highlights the challenges and achievements each one has contributed by using their unique and essential voice and choices. This presentation also explores how we can benefit from the work of these visionaries today and how we can continue their work in the future.

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In The DEAR COLLEAGUE LETTER sent out in the spring of 2011, the US Department of Civil Rights recognized that women have unequal access to higher education. Due to sexual harassment, dating violence, and discrimination, women continue to face unparalleled adversities throughout their college experience. Traciana Graves’ Don’t Call Me a B—–: EmpowHERment for Women’s History Month and Every Other Month presentation is a critical interactive opportunity for all women and men committed to employing social justice and advocacy to create more equity on campus, and in the world at large. Using song, storytelling, and multimedia activities, Don’t Call Me a B—–: EmpowHERment for Women’s History Month and Every Other Month underscores why we have a month dedicated to the unsung heroines who used their voices to create a more tolerant, equal society for people of all backgrounds, and why women today must continue to work to ensure the forward march of progress.

Through the stories of visionaries such as Adrianne Rich, Rosa Parks, Sr. Theresa, and others, we explore the challenges, achievements, and legacies each person has contributed through their unique and essential voice so that participants understand how they can benefit from the works of these visionaries today. Together, Traciana and audiences explore how we can continue to benefit from and continue the works of these visionaries.

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Are you looking for a program to keep your students feeling supported, motivated, and happy all year long? One-time events with civility speakers are great for momentarily boosting morale and building confidence, but the hype can quickly fade within days or even hours of the presentation. The truth is, that students are always in need of guidance and support. Luckily, there’s a simple and beneficial way to keep the momentum going. Your campus can buzz with that post-presentation excitement for the entire school year when you choose to work with Traciana Graves, one of America’s top civility speakers.

Traciana’s Fearless Listening Campus program is now available via Zoom on a monthly basis. The program uses a tested methodology with clear foundations and micro-steps that students and faculty members can easily apply to their daily routines. Traciana’s interactive leadership methods and service-based training are specially designed to help students overcome the personal and academic challenges that so often arise during the pursuit of higher education. You’ll be left with a positive campus atmosphere that inspires students to achieve their full potential.

Now, for a single flat fee, you can book Traciana for a six-workshop series and receive one bonus session for student government leaders.

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Ms. Traciana Graves, today’s empowering civility speaker, I would say, that if you missed the “Say Something Beautiful” presentation at noon, you missed a real BARN-BURNER! I mean, a really real, potentially life-altering message that affected everyone in attendance. And I will tell you the dream: that each one in attendance passes along what they’ve heard and experienced to those around them, and in doing so, have a dramatic impact on the world in which we live. GOOD STUFF! Thanks so much to whoever else was involved in bringing this wonderful speaker to our campus. And I am SO glad that I did not stay at my desk grading papers at noon today!Gina Lindsey, Clinton Community College


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