Happiness 360 noun/adj //

The ongoing journey of understanding, acknowledging, and acting from your inner authentic self as you cultivate the connection between your purpose and create infinite life possibilities.


Happiness 360 is a new global wellness movement. Its goal is to create communities and resources that nourish each of us during the various milestones, achievements, and challenges in our personal and professional journeys.  We offer a curated collection of:

  • Mindful Media features original content (podcasts, blogs, and web series) featuring voices often unheard.
  • Mindful Merchandise is designed to offer solutions to discover, connect and incorporate elements leading to Happiness 360. They include self-care products, wellness kits, fashion, and home decor.
  • Mindful Meta Curricula: Our Happiness 360 tools and methodologies are designed to offer targeted application of our methodologies for professional and personal optimization (rituals, masterclasses, healing gatherings, and courses).

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Say Something Beautiful is a global, multimedia storytelling initiative created by The VLNetwork founder, Traciana Graves, in order to foster global connections and conversations that empower each of us to nurture our best selves through Fearless Listening ™  as we  Live, Learn, and Lead. Say Something Beautiful is dedicated to identifying the implications that emotions, dreams, hope, fears, and other driving forces have on societal triggers in addition to personal and professional realization.


To date, Say Something Beautiful has been featured on live televised events and shared partnerships nationwide with leading organizations including The WNBA, One Billion Rising, The Knicks, and has been shared throughout the country with leading universities, organizations, companies,  homeless shelters, underserved schools, and prisons.

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Nourishment comes in all forms and it is essential to connect us with best practices so that we can become more authentic and effective leaders. selves and global community members.We are proud to announce our global community multimedia storytelling initiative, The best part is, that the stories come from our viewers and readers. Nourish gives our global community a platform to share their:

  • Leader Nourish Stories
  • Self Nourish Stories
  • Food Nourish Stories


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There is an urgent need for guidance in creating college campus cultures that are fearless, and that listen deeply to what is being said that in the past had not been heard. The campus culture is capable of creating unity in innovation, along with inspired, safe, and engaged students. The campaign will allow students to address the many pain points that college campuses are facing, such as harassment, discrimination, hazing, sexual assault, poor cyber-conduct, the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, race relations, and more.


It’s important that college students document and tell their account of today’s unrest from their perspective.  Amidst the anxiety and divisiveness on many campuses, students may feel voiceless.  It may appear that views, opinions, and solutions are going unheard.


We have a solution! Campus stakeholder can send in their stories to join a global university initiative. Join our Happiness 360 Campus Collective for updates and more information on how you can get involved.



Fearless Listening Is a global and holistic wellness methodology designed to unlock the hidden potential within ourselves and the people we serve and lead.

Through Fearless Listening we are able to develop personal and professional wellness that serves and connects to our full self, which leads to greater happiness, success, and fulfillment in each part of our daily life.

  • Some professional success benefits include authentic leadership, enhanced teams, and cultures as well as optimal productivity and innovation.
  • Some of the personal success benefits include living wellness, goal setting as well as active wellness which includes stress and sleep.


Fearless Listening has three foundations that give Visionaries the generationally tested tools that are essential to help them harness the typically unharnessed possibilities and purpose necessary for leadership success. Each of these foundations leverages the  One Sound On Technique which includes the use of voice, breath, and sound in order to create a fearless listening community and to embody fearless listening.


Based on twenty years of research, study, and work, the Fearless Listening ™  methodologies focus on helping individuals to develop and embody the most profound elements of what makes us uniquely designed for each of our purposes. Fearless Listening TM leverages Traciana’s practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at  La Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University. Along the way, she discovered how to best leverage practical experiences with the research accomplished during her academic tenure at the three prestigious institutions.

Traciana and her team have been able to share this work throughout the country with fortune 500 companies, the WNBAand hundreds of higher education institutions to lead other visionary leaders to create meaningful change in their lives, startup companies, or corporations.

Each of our brands offers different keys/gateways to leverage our unique Fearless Listening Methodology in order to unlock hidden potential — which is an evergreen, limitless field of possibilities.