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Mindful Media Entrepreneur:  Teller of Stories Typically Untold

Creator of the Happiness 360: Fearless Listening ™ Methodology

Traciana Graves is a native New Yorker who grew up between Harlem and Paris. She is the mother of a teenage son and a tea aficionado. Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” for the work that she has done in leadership and workforce, and personal development, her insights are regularly featured on national media outlets. Traciana believes that “Using the unique power of our voice, we have the power to change the world.” Her belief has garnered her status as an internationally acclaimed vocalist (former background vocalist Celine Dion and six-time Grammy award-winners Steel Pulse), a motivational speaker, organizational development consultant, and a digital activist. As an extension of the deep work she has accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sectors, she founded The Visionary Leader Network ™ (The VL Network ™)– a global media and training platform that facilitates Fearless Listening Leadership, Cultures, and Visionary Ventures to mindfully cultivate our best self, connect to our boldest possibilities, and manifest professional and personal actualization.

More profoundly, Traciana discovered how to leverage her practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the SorbonneGeorgetown University, and New York University. This discovery is the foundation for her development of Happiness 360 and The Fearless Listening™ Methodology, a powerful process for unlocking the hidden human potential.

In addition, Traciana developed the One Sound On technique to create vocal connections through song, guided meditation, and story share. During One Sound On keynotes, town halls, and workshops, Traciana helps participants create powerful shifts in their personal narrative and interpersonal collaboration. Whether for work performance or personal living, these powerful townhalls facilitate a stronger, more inclusive workplace and personal culture.


Each Keynote and Workshop Retreat features Traciana’s One Sound On Format to include

  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gathering
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect is essential for highly engaged teams.
  • Experiential activities help the audience to develop a community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking. 

Happiness 360 Leadership Success

The most essential 5 keys to leading with greater self-confidence, effectiveness, and happiness in order to create more positive, engaged, and productive workplace cultures. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 Personal Success:

The 6 most effective steps to healing, cultivating & rejuvenating your best self to create the life of your dreams. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 Diversity & Inclusion:

The 5 most effective steps to respecting and unlocking the hidden potential of every team member. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 K-12 & College Campuses: 

The 5 most essential Keys to creating happier, safer, and more high-achieving cultures for greater student success. For booking information click here.


Happiness 360: One Sound On Workshop Intensives are customizable and feature :

  • One Sound On Community Meditation, Sound, and Story Share
  • Half-day, 1-day, 2-day, and up to 5-day intensive formats
  • Immersive and reflective opportunities for participants to apply key sights into tangible next steps.

Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Leadership 

This workshop provides additional opportunities to integrate the principles necessary to develop a blueprint for the foundational strategies to help leaders develop the Fearless Listening Leadership necessary for building listening cultures. For booking  information Click Here

Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Leadership  Team & Cultures 101

This workshop offers participants an immersive opportunity to reflect, engage, and apply key strategies for creating highly productive teams that are characterized by innovation, engagement, and happiness. For booking  information Click Here

Happiness 360 Fearless Listening Leadership Diversity & Inclusion

This workshop is a critical and immersive experience designed for fostering the ability to explore and leverage best practices for enhancing safe and inclusive cultures.  For booking  information Click Here

Happiness 360 Personal Success, Wellness & Healing

This workshop retreat offers deeper opportunities for participants to heal, grow and create extraordinary breakthroughs.



“[Traciana’ workshop] was really beautiful, I didn’t think that there would be so much open sharing in the room. I wish I could bring moments like this into the bigger company. It was great to see people asking questions, being vulnerable, and sharing insights, as well as providing guidance to each other without fear. Making moments like this of welcoming communities at a larger scale is exactly what I want to do.” Jennifer McKaig, Social Impact Lead,  Etsy “

“ I was thrilled to hear Traciana speak about expanding the definition of diversity. I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to hear speak to do so” -Janet Hoffman, NYC SHRM Co-Chair & Alignment HR Founder

“Traciana’s presentation inspired me, energized me, and made me think about talent in a different way” – Ken Kane, Global Business Development Director, Work Group UK

“Traciana Graves’ Fearless Listening ™ Methodologies and Say Something Beautiful initiative are incredible and doing powerful work [because] I can’t say enough about how important it is to end the muting of people and shutting down people’s vitality, confidence and dreams. We so deeply need to live in a different type of world where people live in vulnerability, openness, and kindness. I am just so proud that One Billion Rising joined with Traciana’s  Fearless Listening ™ and Say Something Beautiful to create initiatives that do this work.” – V (formerly Eve Ensler), Author of The Vagina Monologues and Creator of One Billion Rising, and Founder of The City of Joy

“Traciana’s keynote helped me to have a different perspective about believing in myself, knowing how to find the courage and how to believe in my own ability to succeed.” Jennifer  Urias-Co – Founder at Urias Custom Remodeling

“I am so grateful for Traciana who brings to light, in today’s environment,  what is required to lift up our leadership, our communities around creating better companies and a better nation for all of us.”Joset Wright-Lacy, Former President National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)

“I would say, that if you missed Traciana’s presentation… you missed a real BARN-BURNER! I mean, a really really potentially life-altering message that affected everyone in attendance. ” – Gina Lindsey, Clinton Community College