“[Traciana Graves is ] One of America’s Most Fearless Women

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Alignment expert, author, and global keynote speaker, Traciana Graves offers interactive presentations (available as keynote presentations, half-day & up to 2-day intensive formats) that feature cutting-edge expertise and can be customized to include song, sound healing, guided meditations, & audience story-sharing.




>> The Future-Proof Leader: Navigating Change with Alignment and Innovation


In an era where change is the only constant, leadership demands more than traditional skills; it requires a forward-looking approach, anchored in the principles of alignment and adaptability. “The Future-Proof Leader” explores how today’s leaders can navigate the complex landscape of generational shifts, cultural changes, and technological advancements, not just to survive but to thrive. Drawing on globally-tested alignment practices and the timeless principle of play for mastery, this keynote will offer a new blueprint for leadership success in the 21st century.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights into Globally-Tested Leadership: Understand how embracing diverse and adaptable leadership strategies ensures relevance across generations and cultural shifts.
  • Strategies for Alignment Mastery: Learn practical tools for aligning personal leadership styles with global trends, fostering innovation and resilience.
  • Empowering High Achievers: Discover how to empower yourself and others to achieve impactful success by navigating future uncertainties with confidence and creativity.

Ideal For:

Executives, emerging leaders, HR professionals, and anyone interested in leadership development and organizational culture transformation.

>> Aligning for Impact: Future-Proofing Personal Growth and Professional Success


In a world brimming with challenges and opportunities, aligning our personal and professional lives with universal principles of growth, success, and happiness has never been more crucial. “Aligning for Impact” delves into the art and science of future-proofing our careers and personal lives through strategic alignment and adaptability. From leveraging alignment across global contexts to integrating personal values with broader societal trends, this keynote speech offers a roadmap to thriving in dynamic environments and achieving holistic happiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Universal Principles of Success: Explore how foundational elements of personal growth can guide us through the complexities of the modern world.
  • Adaptability and Alignment: Gain insights into making strategic alignments across different aspects of life to enhance well-being and professional impact.
  • Practical Tools for Future-Proofing: Learn actionable strategies to cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset, ensuring long-term success and fulfillment.

Ideal For:

Professionals across all levels, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional trajectories in alignment with future trends.

>> Thriving Fiercely: Aligning Mind, Body, and Soul for Life’s Journeys


Life brings myriad challenges and transitions, from the profound journey of new parenthood to the disciplined practice of yoga, and the undulating path of the creative process. “Thriving Fiercely” is a call to action for individuals at any stage of life’s journey, offering insights into how one can ensure the alignment of mind, body, and spirit in the most optimal way. This keynote delves into the importance of nurturing each aspect of our being, providing practical strategies for maintaining balance, enhancing well-being, and fostering a sense of inner harmony amidst life’s nuances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Holistic Well-being Strategies: Learn techniques for maintaining and enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health, tailored for the unique challenges of life stages like new motherhood, creative blocks, and more.
  • Mindfulness and Resilience: Discover mindfulness practices that foster resilience, allowing for a more profound connection with oneself and a more meaningful engagement with life’s complexities.
  • Alignment in Action: Explore actionable steps to align your daily life with your deeper values and goals, ensuring that you thrive, not just survive, through life’s transitions.

Ideal For:

New parents, yoga practitioners, creatives, and anyone seeking to enrich their holistic well-being and navigate life’s transitions with grace and strength.

>> Iconic Underdog: Transforming Life’s Challenges into Opportunities for Growth


At the intersection of creativity, personal development, and spiritual exploration lies the potential for transformative growth. “Iconic Underdog” is designed for those who seek to harness life’s challenges—from the sleepless nights of new parenthood to the soul-searching moments of a yoga retreat—as catalysts for personal and creative growth. This keynote explores the personal dynamics of Traciana’s mind, body, and spirit alignment as a foundation for tapping into one’s deepest creative potential, offering a pathway to transforming everyday experiences into sources of inspiration and insight. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Cultivating Creative Resilience: Techniques for leveraging personal challenges as sources of creative inspiration, building resilience through artistic expression.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Synergy: Insights into achieving harmony between physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual depth, enhancing the creative process.
  • Navigating Life Transitions Creatively: Strategies for using mindfulness, meditation, and reflective practices to navigate life’s transitions creatively and with a sense of purpose.

Ideal For:

Creative professionals, yoga enthusiasts, new parents, and anyone interested in exploring the confluence of creativity, personal growth, and spiritual wellness.


 Traciana Graves’s interactive presentations are available as keynote presentations as well as:

  • half-day 

  • full day

  • up to 5–day intensive formats

All workshops can be customized to feature cutting-edge expertise and can be customized to include song, sound healing, guided meditations, & audience story-sharing.