A Welcome

Thank you for your interest in the One Sound On Technique, which I developed based on my superpower ability to unlock hidden potential in the places we live, learn and work through my tenure as:

  • an academic

  • a master facilitator designer & speaker

  • a internationally acclaimed vocal artist


The Story Behind Why & How I Developed The One Sound On Technique

My training as a vocal artist,  Reiki Master, and certified Sound Healing Practioner has shaped my belief that music and breath are fundamental to the human ability to foster wellness.

One Sound On is a wellness technique I developed to create holistic healing experiences. The process integrates the power of interactive gatherings and facilitates the sharing of songs, stories, guided meditation, breathwork, and sound healing. The One Sound Technique and My Fearless Listening ™ Methodology leverage my practical experiences with the research I achieved during my academic tenure at the Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University.

The technique is based on music psychology, neuroscience, and traditional global wisdom. One Sound On creates Fearless Listening Communities and nurtures Happiness 360 values that are key to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness journeys. One Sound On transcends language and our own barriers thereby invoking our core connections. You can leverage this technique to transform the environment and cultures around you and yourself.

I believe that it is essential to cultivate opportunities for One Sound On daily in order to embody the most profound elements of what makes us remarkably designed to fulfill both our individual purpose and professional endeavors. This is my philosophy, mission, and purpose which is the cornerstone of every action I take.   

Booking Information

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In Gratitude,



Traciana Graves


Our One Sound On Townhall Experiences & Events, offered in both in-person and virtual gatherings, allow our global community of visionary doers, seekers, and makers the opportunity to realize, develop, and draw from their full selves.


One Sound On Living Wellness virtual gatherings feature customized webinars, summits, and townhall experiences. For more information click here.


One Sound On Living Wellness in-person gatherings are available in events, book clubs, workshops, town hall experiences, and retreats. For more information click here.


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As a native New Yorker who sings and composes songs in French, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, and English. I hold fast to my mission of leveraging the unique power of music to build cultural bridges between global audiences whether performing at stadiums, festivals, or cathedrals across various continents. My One Sound On TG in Concert are available in :

  • in concert in acoustic formation
  • in concert in full band formation
  • healing through sound

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Happiness 360: One Sound On Workshop Intensives are customizable and feature :

  • One Sound On Community Meditation, Sound, and Story Share
  • Half-day, 1-day, 2-day, and up to 5-day intensive formats
  • Immersive and reflective opportunities for participants to apply key sights into tangible next steps.

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Happiness 360 Leadership Success

The most essential 5 keys to leading with greater self-confidence, effectiveness, and happiness in order to create more positive, engaged, and productive workplace cultures. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 Personal Success:

The 6 most effective steps to healing, cultivating & rejuvenating your best self to create the life of your dreams. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 Diversity & Inclusion:

The 5 most effective steps to respecting and unlocking the hidden potential of every team member. For booking information click here.

Happiness 360 K-12 & College Campuses: 

5 Keys to creating happier, safer, and more high-achieving cultures for greater student success. For booking information click here.


Each Keynote and Workshop Retreat features Traciana’s One Sound On Format, guided Meditation, Sound, and Story Shares. One Sound On Keynotes feature:

  • Guided Sound and Story Share that meets the specific goals of your company, institution, association, conferences, and group gathering
  • An opportunity for attendees to cultivate greater cultural competency and respect is essential for highly engaged teams.
  • Experiential activities help the audience to develop a community for deeper connection, collaboration, and networking.

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