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Traciana Graves is a nationally recognized leadership development and inclusion strategist who is featured on Fox Business, AOL, and The Huffington Post. She has served as a speaker and consultant for Hundreds of fortune 500 companies and colleges. In addition, Traciana is an internationally acclaimed singer who has toured as a background vocalist for both Celine Dion and Grammy award-winning Steel Pulse.

Ms. Graves graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Languages and International Studies. She also holds a Certificate in Organizational Coaching from New York University. Traciana is also the creator of the Fearless Listening Methodology and the One Sound On Technique which creates Fearless Listening Community and Embodiment. Based on twenty years of research, study, and work, the methodology focuses on developing and embodying the most profound elements of what makes us remarkably designed to fulfill both our individual purpose and professional endeavors.

The work leverages Traciana’s practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the Sorbonne, Georgetown University, and New York University. Along the way, she discovered how to best leverage practical experiences with the research accomplished during her academic tenure at the three prestigious institutions. This discovery is the foundation for The Fearless Listening™ Leadership Methodology was developed as a powerful process for unlocking the hidden human potential within — including Traciana’s own. Traciana believes that “we are all connected by breath. And through breath, music is our human ability to focus our intentions through sound vibration”. She developed the  One Sound On technique, which interweaves song, music, story share,  and vibration in order to create Fearless Listening Community and Embodiment. One Sound On transcends language and our own barriers thereby invoking our core connections. You can leverage this technique to transform the environment and cultures around you and yourself.

Traciana and her team have been able to share this work throughout the country with fortune 500 companies, the WNBA, and hundreds of higher education institutions in order to lead other visionary leaders to create meaningful change in their lives, startup companies, or corporations. In addition, Traciana  is, and the founder of The Visionary Leader Network. Traciana created The Visionary Leader Network as an extension of the deep work she and her team have accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sectors around the country.

The Visionary Leader Network produces exclusive interviews, documentaries and curated expertise, and events for achieving extraordinary breakthroughs in their business and life. TO ACCESS TheVLNetwork’s EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES FOR FREE: Visit www.TheVLNetwork You can follow Traciana on Facebook and Twitter: at Traciana Graves – (T-R-A-C-I-A-N-A G-R-A-V-E-S)

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