Traciana Graves is

a fearlessly bold, internationally acclaimed vocalist

who leverages the unique power of music to cultivate

personal & interpersonal alignment


“Through music, we can derive a path of hope, inspiration, truth, and reflection that unites the best of who we are and can become.”

– Traciana Graves


One habitually thinks of World Music as a term that covers all music that is not part of mainstream, popular, or classical music, and that has some kind of “ethnic” component. The term is used primarily as a marketing or classificatory device. It sometimes refers to any type of foreign music, especially in a foreign language. Traciana’s music has been described as “a haven soaked in cultural originality, a cultural bridge bringing together a global audience.” Traciana skillfully merges the sounds of Africa, America, Europe, India, and the Middle East. There is a distinctive quality to her music that articulates more than just her journey and resonates with her listeners. It is a powerful and soulful vocal style that has brought her international acclaim. In the process, she has been praised for “redefining World Music.

”Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” Traciana is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, who leverages the unique power of music to cultivate and build cultural bridges and unlock the hidden potential of audiences. Traciana has spent the past two decades performing and telling stories typically untold around the world through producing music and mindful media. 

A native to sold-out stadiums and stages, Traciana’s love of song gave her international success as a vocal artist who composes and performs in French, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, and English.

Traciana’s voice has been woven into decades of artistry in her projects, and that of the numerous household names she has supported in the music world (Celine Dion, Andre Lloyd Weber, and Grammy-award winners Steel Pulse). Traciana has thrived on building connections with her audiences and become a household name herself in many different countries. Whether performing at stadiums, festivals, or cathedrals throughout various continents, she has held fast to her mission to leverage the unique power of music to build cultural bridges between global audiences.

Traciana’s training as a vocalist, Reiki Master, and certified Sound Healing Practioner has shaped her belief that music and breath are fundamental to the human ability to foster wellness.








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