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“Through music, we can all call to the ancestors and look to the unborn.”  —Traciana Graves

Traciana Graves is a native New Yorker who sings and composes songs in French, Sanskrit, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, and English. Voted by The Huffington Post as one of “America’s Most Fearless Women,” Traciana is an internationally acclaimed vocalist, who has spent the past two decades performing and telling stories typically untold around the world through producing music and mindful media.  Whether performing at stadiums, festivals, or cathedrals throughout various continents, she has held fast to her mission to leverage the unique power of music to build cultural bridges between global audiences.

Traciana’s cross-cultural musical artistry began in her childhood. She spent her formative years as a global nomad growing up between Harlem, USA, and Paris, France.  In the process, she discovered the legacy of vocalists such as Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Umm Kulthum, Krishna Dass, and Mariam Makeba. As she immersed herself in these rich legacies, Traciana taught herself to play the guitar, explore songwriting, and nurture her gift of vocal excellence. This foundation led Traciana to become a sought-after background singer for renowned talents like six-time Grammy Award-winning Steel Pulse, Celine Dion, Youssou N’ Dour, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and others.

Traciana’s deep passion for exploring the human condition led her to further her studies at the Sorbonne and Georgetown University. Years later, this same passion would also drive her to audition and become the first American accepted into the prestigious National Acting Conservatory, Le Théâtre National de Strasbourg, in France.

After a pain-staking physical loss of her speaking and singing voice,  a battle with life-threatening illness,  and a 2-year-long hiatus where she was ordered to “not speak” in order to possibly recover her voice,  Traciana discovered how to leverage her practical experiences with the research she achieved during her academic tenure at the SorbonneGeorgetown University, New York University, and her stay at the Ashram for medical recovery. Her personal journey and sparks of enlightenment led her to develop the Fearless Listening ™ Methodology and its more concentrated applications, Fearless Listening TM Leadership and Fearless Listening TM Creativity. The methodologies unlock hidden personal and professional performance potential by helping individuals to realize self-actualization in the midst of fulfilling professional excellence.  

As she began to personally apply the methodology to her life and profession, Traciana reveals how she was guided. She shared, “I heard my purpose, which compelled me to broaden the way I create music.” Traciana’s new enlightenment led her to encompass mindful media projects that added layers to the music she created and also allowed her to begin to listen more deeply to the stories of others. She credits this to leading to a more robust approach to the way she writes, produces, sings, and uses her art to achieve deeper connections with others.

As Traciana has pursued her mission of leveraging music to build cultural bridges that bring together a global audience, she has come to believe two things:

  • First, through music, we can all call to the ancestors and look to the unborn
  • Second, through music, we can derive a path of hope, inspiration, truth, and reflection that unites the best of who we are and can become



During the past two decades, Traciana has come to believe that by “Using the unique power of our voice, we have the power to change the world.”  This belief has compelled her to use her voice in a series of unexpected ways to facilitate the changes she believes are critical to embody. These uncommon ways also include, as a motivational speaker and a multi-media entrepreneur.




One habitually thinks of World Music as a term that covers all music that is not part of mainstream, popular, or classical music, and that has some kind of “ethnic” component. The term is used primarily as a marketing or classificatory device. It sometimes refers to any type of foreign music, especially in a foreign language. Traciana’s music has been described as “a haven soaked in cultural originality, a cultural bridge bringing together a global audience.” Traciana skillfully merges the sounds of Africa, America, Europe, India, and the Middle East. There is a distinctive quality to her music that articulates more than just her individual journey and resonates with her listeners. It is a powerful and soulful vocal style that has brought her international acclaim. In the process, she has been praised for “redefining World Music.”



“Traciana’s songs come from a place of light and love. She is a special one.” –National Project Director of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Lady GaGa’s first personal manager

“Traciana is a secret weapon. She brings both joy and light and [is] about uplifting the world.  She is a star. I think that Traciana Graves is one of the greatest classic divas that you are going to see in a very long while.”‘ -Lorraine Ferro staff writer at EMI and vocalist

“Traciana Graves has chosen to embrace a wide range of global musical influence focused through an extraordinarily powerful and sensual voice in imitation of no one. Her music gives voice to the joy and pain of living in a world beset with turmoil and conflict, and yet filled with beauty and the possibility of love.” –Vernon Reid, Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist, Producer, and Founder of Living Colour

‘Traciana Graves’ Say Something Beautiful is an incredible movement doing powerful work [because] I can’t say enough how important it is to end the muting of people and shutting down people’s vitality, confidence and dreams. We so deeply need to live in a different type of world where people live in vulnerability, openness, and kindness. I’m just so proud that One Billion Rising joined with Traciana’s Say Something Beautiful to create initiatives that do this work.” -V. , Author of The Vagina Monologues, Creator of One Billion Rising, and Founder of The City of Joy

“The transcultural, chakra-messaging music of Traciana traverses’ space, time, nations, and languages with a lyricism born of soul, swing, and spirit–surely the lingua franca of the triple goddess herself.” -Greg Tate, Contributing Writer to VIBE Rolling Stone, The Village Voice, The New York Times &, Essence

“Traciana’s music is a refined yet moving example of the next wave in So-Called ‘World Music’.” In fact, she redefines the label and transcends it through her powerful songwriting and the brilliant production of her album.” -Peter Lord, The Family Stand and Billboard Songwriter of the Year

“As Traciana sang like an angel… she had the crowd mesmerized. She is going to forever be the measuring stick by which they will judge all others in the future. How’s that for creating a legacy.”-Bob Davis, co-founder of the award-winning

“They say that true art should take you to another place. An enjoyable and compelling album stirs repeated listening. Songs of a Prodigal Daughter by Traciana Graves is true art and will repeatedly do all of the above.”-Christopher Rizik and SoulTracks, LLC


“Through music, we can derive a path of hope, inspiration, truth, and reflection that unites the best of who we are and can become.” – Traciana Graves

Over the past 20 years, Traciana has never stopped making music, regardless of the medium she selected.  Since the initial release of her critically acclaimed debut album, Songs of a Prodigal Daughter, she has honed a multi-layered process for creating multi-faceted expressions of the songs she writes and the stories that she captures.


Traciana is currently writing a three-pronged studio project titled, Unspokenwhich features her trademark multi-lingual approach to composing music and lyrics. Volumes 1-3, which have guest appearances from some of Traciana’s favorite musicians from Brazil, Europe, the United States, Africa, and India, is comprised of:

  • Volume I:  MINTY! 
  • Volume II:  Psalms of A Prodigal Daughter 
  • Volume III: Shavasana & Song


The Fearless Listening ™ Projects feature music Traciana has created and performed in various mindful media formats. It extends the digital stories she has produced, which can be found on The Visionary Leader Network.


The Say Something Beautiful ™ Campaign is a digital storytelling project that evolved from Traciana Graves customizing the Fearless Listening ™ Methodology to create a scaffolded anti-bullying initiative, Project Bully Free Zone, for the workplace, higher education, and schools throughout the country.

As Traciana created civility training and events for tens of thousands of participants, she recognized the need to leverage the Fearless Listening Methodology further to foster greater empathy, vulnerability, and positive psychology that were necessary to create greater safety and inclusion.  To date, Say Something Beautiful has been featured on live televised events and shared partnerships nationwide with leading organizations, including the WNBA, One Billion Rising, and the Knicks organization, and has been shared throughout the country with leading universities, organizations, companies, homeless shelters, underserved schools, and prisons. Say Something Beautiful features a curriculum, original songs, word, video, and audio soundscape that chronicle participants’ stories.


Songs For Life and Change is a music project featuring songs that originated while Traciana was writing curricula and developing programs for underserved schools, orphanages, and refugee camps around the globe.  This project features nuanced storytelling through original songs that are inspired by the journal entries of gifted participants, in order for their voices and stories to be heard.


A true reflection on the essence of a bracing singer/songwriter Traciana Graves… Acclaimed Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid took an interest in Traciana’s unique musical viewpoint and among other things, introduced her to producer V. Jeffrey Smith of The Family Stand (Des ree, Paula Abdul, Heather Headley). Together, Smith and Traciana crafted an album (based on the alternative soulful pop akin to artists like India Arie, Seal, and Zap Mama that is a montage of what the world has seen from many places. This musical bed provides the perfect vehicle for Traciana to express herself which she does in her first nature languages of English, French, Spanish, Swahili, and Portuguese.